River Valley Landlord Association | About Us
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About Us

The Association (RVLA) is a group of area Landlords Property Managers owners and tenants that meet for the purpose of educating themselves in the ever changing environment of Landlord-Tenant Law. We are dedicated to maintaining and improving the living conditions and value of our rental properties in the Northwest region of Arkansas, as well as the State as a whole. We wish to develop and maintain a reputation of having Landlords and Property Managers who are not only caring business people but members of the community as well. As members of the community, we wish to implement cooperation between Tenants, Landlords and State and Local government agencies.


In addition, the Association helps members keep track of new and pending environmental laws that effect Landlords and Tenants alike. Through our elected officials, the RVLA is active in fostering legislation that ensures that our member rights are protected.


Representing over 2,000 rental units, the Association has grown from its start in 2004. Through our website, www.rivervalleylandlords.com, we offer the general public information on available rental units as well as the Association itself.


We now meet for lunch, the second Monday of every month at Firstar Bank at 3300 Massard Rd or in the event of a conflict, we meet at the Main Branch of the Fort Smith Public Library unless otherwise posted on the calendar page or social media.


We invite members of the public as well as Landlords themselves to call, write or e-mail for further information.